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Europe! Animation Producers reaching out to Canada

Dear Members,


We are ready for a second small event for European animation film producers during the MIFA in Annecy:


Europe! Animation Producers reaching out to Canada


Thursday, 13 June from 9h00 – 11h00


European animation producers will meet a range of 20 Canadian professionals including studios, animators, directors and producers.


The European delegation shall consist of 

·         producers from different European countries who are producing animation for an adult and family audience (festival titles, all lengths) attending MIFA anyway;

·         Producers with or without a project interested in coproduction with Canada;

·         priority shall be given to candidates having a film selected for Annecy this year (short or feature length);

·         producers interested in meeting the Canadian delegation.


Interested candidates shall provide

·         the title of the film selected for Annecy 2024

·         a short CV / filmography (max 700 characters - with spaces).

·         a letter of interest (one page)

In case you have several candidates, please don’t hesitate to send several applications. We’ll make sure to have a diverse selection of participants.


Deadline: Friday 10 May – just before Cannes.

If you are interested please let us know by sending us an email to:



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