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Registration rights to the Director’s Guild of Cyprus are reserved to all professional audiovisual directors who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Have a university and/or recognised film school degree in the areas of film and television. ​

  2. Authors who have produced at least one film (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental) of any duration which has been selected in at least two official international film festivals or has secured distribution or has been broadcast on television.​

  3. Authors who have produced a minimum of one television series, or a TV documentary or a TV show, or at least a TV movie that has been broadcast on an official television station in Cyprus or abroad and who have at least five consecutive years experience in the field of filmmaking.​

  4. Video art creators who have directed at least two projects that have been featured in galleries, museums, video art festivals, film festivals or a theatrical stage.​

  5. Directors who have directed at least two commercials or at least two music videos which have been broadcast by an official television station in Cyprus or abroad.

  6. Persons who do not fall into the above categories and wish to apply should submit a sample of their work and curriculum vitae to the Directors’ Guild and is at the sole discretion of the board to accept or reject the particular request.

If you meet the above criteria then complete the form below in order for your application to be forwarded to the executive committee to be reviewed.


*** Please keep or print a digital copy of this application once you have filled it in and before you submit it ***


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