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Scriptwriter Showdown - Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Filmocracy's monthly live screenplay competition is searching for up-and-coming Black screenwriters who want to earn exposure and show off their ability to the filmmaking community! Filmocracy is committed to highlighting voices that have not received the recognition they deserve. If you are or know an aspiring or accomplished Black screenwriter, please enter the competition here

The scriptwriter's showdown was one of the most popular events at Filmocracy Fest and we're making it a monthly tradition! Here is a rundown of how it will go:

  • Contestants will have 1 hour to write a short scene based on a prompt to be provided at the beginning of the event. There will be spectators who will be observing you write while chatting amongst themselves.

  • Each contestant will be seated at a featured position in their own virtual room and asked to share their screens as they embark on their writing process.

  • Everyone else is free to jump from room to room and witness the creative process unfold amongst the contestants!

  • Once the hour is over, we'll launch into a presentation so all of the writers can prepare our panel of actors to perform a table read of the scene.

  • Once all of the scenes have been presented, attendees will be asked to vote on their favorites to decide on a winner!

Cheer on the writers, enjoy the spontaneous creativity, and watch as a short script comes to life.

If you want to attend this event, register for this free event here:


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