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EAVE+ 2022 / open call for applications

Applications are now open until January 31, 2022 for the 12th edition of EAVE+.

EAVE+ offers 15 producers the opportunity to discuss their company structures and management practices together with high-profile industry experts during 4,5 days to tackle the business side of running a film company.

The upcoming edition will focus on company sustainability and how to reinvent yourself in times of crisis. Under the title ‘transforming companies’ we will feature a series of company case studies and inspiring new business models and tackle the role of the producer as a leader.

Together with top-notch experts, we will also explore topics such as cashflow management, company strategies, negotiation with financiers and partners, and raising finance from investors and how to create viable business models for the future.

The workshop is led by EAVE+ Head of Studies Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, LU). Other experts include Linda Beath (Ideal Filmworks, IT), Marc Bordure (AGAT FILMS & Cie / Ex Nihilo, FR), Michael Comyn (The Time Signal Limited, IE), Jonas Katzenstein (augenschein Filmproduktion, DE), Petri Kemppinen (Aurora Studios, FI) and Carole Scotta (Haut et Court, FR).

EAVE+ will take place from April 9-14, 2022 in Luxembourg.

« The EAVE+ workshop was a game changer for me and my team. I've acquired lots of new ideas and ways to develop my company. There is a "before" and "after". »

Eric Ruel, La Ruelle Films, Canada, EAVE+ 2021

Applications are open for independent producers with a solid track record and international experience from Europe and the rest of the world until January 31, 2022.

The programme is designed for producers who have been running their own company for five years + and/or who have worked five years + at senior management level in another company. We strongly recommend that two individuals at senior management level attend from each company

The workshop will tackle topics such as: How to structure my company more efficiently? How to grow as a company? How to reinvent yourself in times of crisis? How to sustain a viable business? How to diversify your company slate? What kind of leader am I? How to improve my team management? How to achieve a better life work balance?

EAVE consultant Linda Beath will take the EAVE+ participants to the next level of company management: how to hire and fire, cashflow management, how to structure your business, and other burning management issues.

EAVE management coach Michael Comyn (The Time Signal Limited, IE) will work on the individual leadership qualities and resilience in private coaching sessions.

Transforming Companies, new business models and company constellations will be one of the main topics throughout the workshop, that we will explore via a number of inspiring company case studies by Marc Bordure (AGAT FILMS & Cie / Ex Nihilo, FR), Jonas Katzenstein (augenschein Filmproduktion, DE), Petri Kemppinen (Aurora Studios, FI), and Carole Scotta (Haut et Court, FR).

EAVE+ is organised once a year in Luxembourg with support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union and Film Fund Luxembourg.

For more information, please visit here or contact

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