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Time to get ready! The Directors Guild of Cyprus invites you to a two day workshop with renowned actor and producer Jerry Coyle!

Over 30 years of active teaching make Jerry Coyle’s classes a memorable experience for advanced actors as well as beginners. Based on the Sanford Meisner Technique, he offers practical tools and a framework for scene study, casting and partner work. Combining a practical approach to camera work and shooting conditions with a profound knowledge of human nature, Jerry Coyle provides useful insight for any actor and actress.

Jerry Coyle has been teaching film and TV acting at several renowned acting schools throughout the U.S.A., Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, among them the Weist-Barron School for Television & Film in New York City, the Film Acting School Cologne, The Film & TV School /Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and others. As an actor, he appeared in several films, such as “Extinction GMO Chronicles” and “The Good Shepherd”, as well as on TV and on stage.

Due to covid 19 the entries are limited. The first 8 directors and 4 actors to apply will take part at the workshop, other applicants may attend and observe the workshop. Short exercises will engage the whole audience. So HURRY UP and FILL IN YOUR APPLICATION NOW! Accepting applications until 23rd of September 2021

Hard facts:

25 - 26 Sept 2021, 09:00 - 18:00

Melina Merkouri Hall, Nicosia


  • €50 - Participants - DGCY/Actors Union Members

  • €30 - Observers - DGCY/Actors Union Members

  • €50 - Observers - Non members

* the workshop will be held in English


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