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Sitges (Barcelona, Spain) 8-11 October 2020

MEDIMED is calling for entries of new documentary projects-in-development having in place

25% of their finance and/or a broadcast guarantee or co-production agreement. We are

looking for European producers and filmmakers that can provide independently produced

documentaries, projects engaging in creative risks, advancing issues and presenting points of

views not typically seen on television.

MEDIMED is looking for strong projects in development or production, with appeal to international broadcasters, co-producers or other funders. They can be singles or series.

The pitching sessions cover the following topics:

• Arts & Culture

• Current Affairs

• History

• Human Interest

• Human Rights

• Society & Geopolitics


• Project should be in advanced development: 25% of the budget already confirmed. If aiming at completion funding, projects can already be in production or postproduction (rough cut stage).

• Provide proof of the confirmed participation of at least one partner: broadcaster, distributor,

supporting fund, foundation.

• Submit projects via email or our website by JUNE 30 2019.


Submissions must be in English. You need to send us the following elements:

• Synopsis (300 characters spaces included)

• Treatment (700 characters spaces included)

• Project HD picture (300 dpi)

• A 3-minute teaser with English subtitles

• 1 PDF file with: synopsis, budget, funding plan, commitment letters, and treatment, short biographies

of the author/director and presentation of the producer, and all the information that you consider

useful in order to help the jury assessing the project.


The committee of MEDIMED team and international experts select 30 projects. Selected projects will be pitched at the central Pitching Forum or at the newly designed ANTI-pitch program dedicated to 10 projects in their final stage of production.

The Forum Workshop, led by top European documentary experts, Iikka Vehkalahti and John Marshall, will be training participants in the art of pitching - how to deliver a successful public presentation of their project, and how to put into practice a co-production agreement.

The Pitching Forum is a public presentation in which the director and producer have an opportunity to present/pitch their film projects to leading European television & international commissioning editors in order to enrol their aid in co-financing or co-production. The Pitching Forum is followed by one-on-one meetings, which enable the team to introduce the project to the commissioning editors and financers in more detail.


MEDIMED focuses mainly on Euro-Mediterranean documentary creative projects from any European country or the Southern Mediterranean region. The knowledge of English is a condition. The participation of both (director and producer) at the Forum Workshop and Pitching Forum is highly recommended.


• Projects for which the author has already completed the preliminary research and has a clear idea of the main line of the film

• Subjects with strong topics appealing not only to a small audience but potentially to diverse viewers from various cultural backgrounds

• The subject does not have to be European or Mediterranean in terms of scope. It can be a local story, yet it should relate to a universal human experience, generalize its message and show its content in a social or time-spatial context.

• The genre of the film can be very diverse ranging from full-length documentaries to portraits or historical films.

We are also looking for finished European documentary productions of any genre produced

in 2019 or 2020 for private screenings at the Video Library.

This dedicated market is focused on the promotion and development of new European and

Mediterranean independent documentary productions, promoting the networking between

international producers and financiers. MEDIMED offers an excellent opportunity to introduce

and sell new films to international buyers, thus enhancing distribution possibilities for their

recently produced documentaries.

Last year, 30 documentary projects from 15 European & Southern Mediterranean countries

were pitched to a panel of key commissioning editors, and 500 finished documentaries were

screened by 70 international buyers and distributors.

The deadline for the submission of both programmes and projects is due JULY 31. They can be

registered free of charge and are subject to selection by an international jury.

MEDIMED is organized by the Mediterranean Producer’s Association APIMED.

To obtain the entry forms and for any further information, please visit: or

contact the organisation via email at:


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