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European Cinemas without Borders: 25th March - 3rd April, 2022

The filmfestival Cinémas d’Europe Sans Frontières (European Cinemas without Borders) planned for November 2021 will take place from March 25 to April the 3, 2022. The first edition of this festival will be divided in four sections :

- A competition section named "Cinémas d'Europe Sans Frontières" which includes European

fiction movies, like works from European productions and co-productions or directed by

European filmmakers or filmmakers resident in Europe. This section is open to all films from

the « great » Europe, i.e. the 47 countries’ members of the Council of Europe.

- A "Carte Blanche" section for European film libraries. This year, the Berlin film library was


- A "tribute / retrospective" section to a European film personality (director, actress,

producer, etc.).

- A section "Europe through the mirror of its cinemas".

This festival will have a european and a cross-border dimension. European by its horizon and by the participation of several European cinemas, in particular for the projection of the three prize-winning films. Cross-border by the co-construction of this festival with the cinemas of Kehl (Kino-Center), Offenburg (FORUM) and Sarrebrück (Achteinhalb). In Strasbourg, the festival will take place at the VOX Cinema, the UGC Ciné-Cité and the Odyssée.


An international jury of seven people

will award three prizes:

1. the "Europe Without Borders Prize" (10,000 euros)

2. "European Human Rights Prize" (10,000 euros)

3. Special Jury Prize (5,000 euros)

To register, please download the form below, and send it by February 28, 2022 at the latest (to the following e-mail address:

Download PDF • 112KB

Download the rules below:

3. CESF competition rules
Download PDF • 149KB


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