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Cyprus Animation Association Event

Cyprus Animation Association would be very happy to see you at our following event, in a week from now, with the brilliant Emmy awarded and Bafta nominated Director of animated TV series such as The Adventures of Paddington, Chris Drew.

Chris will take you through the inspiration you need to not only create a show but to keep on creating it over several series. He will cover the inspiration of Paddington as a character and how that led to the show's development, break down useful storyboard practices for artists and directors alike as well as speak about how to keep a show interesting and fresh not only for the audience but also for the crew if you will be making over 150 episodes.  

This event will take place on Saturday 18th of November at 10am at Auditorium Alpha at European University. 


Chris Drew is an Animation Series Director with over 30 years experience in the animation industry. After leaving art school he began his career as a runner and, over time, has amassed experience in all the departments required to create an animated project. Specialising in storyboarding, he spent fifteen years drawing for both live action and animated productions before moving into directing. To date he has directed the Adventures of Miffy Big and Small. The Bafta nominated series Digby Dragon and the last three series of The Adventure of Paddington which has won an Emmy, an Annie and a BAA.

Admissions Fee:

Non-members €20

CAA Members €10

Students €5 (must show valid student ID at entrance)


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